Set Czar Gold, in a gift box with 2 glasses

New Set Czar Gold, in a gift box with 2 glasses

Vodka "Czar Gold" is a premium class drink.

Vodka "Czar Gold" was prepared according to the recipe of Peter the Great: honey, with a lime blossom infusion. When creating vodka "Czar Gold", spirit "Lux" and pure water from Lake Ladoga is used. The process of cleaning vodka "Czar Gold" includes the passage of the product through a system of special membrane filters. Drop by drop, the Czar Gold vodka is being cleaned through filters stitched with gold thread.

The bottle of "Czar Gold" vodka is decorated with the highest sample gold (99.9%) and made of special pharmaceutical glass, which guarantees the original taste of vodka throughout the shelf life.

The composition of vodka "Czar Gold": corrected drinking water, rectified alcohol "Lux" (grain), natural lime honey, lime infusion.

  • Brand: Ladoga
  • Product Code: Набор "Царская" Золотая с 2 стопками
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