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Vodka "Graf Ledoff"

Vodka GRAF LEDOFF is the first vodka of the Kazan distillery, made from alcohol of the Alpha categor..

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Vodka "Khanskaya Sneg Edition"

"Khanskaya Sneg" is an elegant and refined premium class vodka made on the basis of Alfa alcohol. Ex..

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Vodka "Khanskaya Premium"

Khanskaya is one of the most valuable brands in our assortment. Vodka that is prepared with a specia..

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Vodka "Khanskaya Limited Edition"

Khanskaya Limited is a premium vodka made from the best grain alcohol of the category "Alpha", has a..

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Vodka "Tundra Authentic"

Vodka TUNDRA AUTHENTIC is produced with the use of modern technologies based on Alfa alcohol, it is ..

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