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Vodka "Medoff Tokyo"

«Medoff Tokyo» — It is tender and soft vodka, as sophisticated as the Western culture is. The vodka ..

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Vodka "Medoff Berlin"

Soft, clean, slightly sweet and easy drinking taste with a subtle honey notes...

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Vodka "Medoff Diamant"

Extra smooth premium vodka based on the best 21st century distilling technologies. The product pres..

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Vodka "Medoff Cayenne" New

Vodka "Medoff Cayenne"

Unique Cayenne pepper and honey drink. Perfect companion for nice relaxing dinner after a hard day...

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Vodka "Medoff Platinum" New

Vodka "Medoff Platinum"

Thanks to softening and purification technology the drink achieved crystal purity, natural softness ..

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Vodka "Medoff winter" New

Vodka "Medoff winter"

Technologists and specialists of the company have been working on an innovative formulation for over..

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Vodka "Mernaya Na Moloke"

The technology of milk purification, which is used in the manufacture of this vodka, is known since ..

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Vodka "Mernaya Tradition"

Vodka "Mernaya Tradition" is made from high-quality Lux alcohol, drinking water, fructose, citric ac..

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Vodka "Parliament"

"Parliament" is traditional Russian vodka, which has a unique technology of milk purification, which..

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Vodka "Graf Ledoff"

Vodka GRAF LEDOFF is the first vodka of the Kazan distillery, made from alcohol of the Alpha categor..

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Vodka "Baikal"

It is prepared on the basis of Baikal water and grain alcohol "Lux". The soft taste of this unique v..

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Vodka "Khanskaya Sneg Edition"

"Khanskaya Sneg" is an elegant and refined premium class vodka made on the basis of Alfa alcohol. Ex..

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